from parents/caregivers:

“I feel incredibly lucky to have Fiona as my 3 year old Son’s SLP.

She is everything you want in an SLP for your child. Warm, friendly and the ability to work with young kids with such ease and in a way that is fun for your child. From the very first appointment, she truly understood what my Son needed help with. Her methods of helping him have been truly effective and he has made wonderful progress under her care. Her therapy sessions include different toys and games with him every week. He absolutely loves coming to therapy.

Fiona has worked with young children for many years and has such well-rounded knowledge of their typical milestones. She is therefore able to identify where your child might need a little extra help in areas other than speech, such as fine motor skills in my Son’s case.

Fiona’s extensive knowledge and experience is also evident when, for example, my Son has difficulty with a certain goal, she knows multiple ways of helping him achieve it and will try a different approach.

It is such a relief to have found a SLP of Fiona’s caliber. She has my highest recommendation.”

— Alicia

“I have met many professionals specialized in children through my own four kids through the years. I haven’t met one as passionate about children as Fiona. Her love and interest in my son entails not only his speech but also his whole being such as his emotional health and his understanding of boundaries. My son was shy when he first met Fiona at the age of 2 but Fiona’s warmth and her ability to engage with small children quickly drew him out of his shell. He gravitated to her so much that he can’t wait to see her for his sessions and always runs to her with a smile every time he sees her. Children don’t lie. My son’s positive response to her and his substantial progress in speech therapy are results of her genuine interest in children and her years of professional experience working with them. ”

— PW

“My son, Bowen, was born with a bilateral profound hearing loss. He also received an Autism diagnosis when he was around two and a half. Bowen had undergone a cochlear implant surgery in his left ear after his first birthday. After the implant, we tried a year of ABA therapy with a behavioural consultant but we did not see any improvement with his communication skills for 2 years. I found Fiona Hui on the Autism Community Training website under the RASP list. After only a few sessions with Fiona, Bowen began to say single words! Then Fiona utilized communication boards to further help Bowen with his expressive language skills. Bowen began to put 2-3 words together. In our sessions, Fiona also targeted Bowen’s listening and speech skills. Fiona always encourages Bowen to advance in his speech and language skills. She is an enthusiastic and dedicated speech pathologist. She is also very resourceful and has lots of ideas to help Bowen communicate. The experience that I have had with Fiona is different from what I have encountered in the past. Fiona never gives up on the hope to get Bowen to talk. Bowen has both a hearing and Autism, as you could imagine, it is extremely difficult to teach him. But Fiona never gives up. Fiona also provides training to me as a parent and behavioural interventionists in her sessions. She collaborates well with our behavioural consultant. I would definitely recommend Fiona as a speech-language pathologist.”

— Tracy

“Fiona is very kind and committed to working with Davis. She has a wonderful rapport with him and he loves coming to his sessions. Fiona takes the time to communicate with me on what they are working on, how my child is doing, and gives detailed instructions on the homework. She genuinely cares about her clients and it’s been a wonderful experience working with her.”

— Annie

“Thank you for working with Aaron for the past year, Fiona! Prior to engaging you, Aaron was a very shy boy due to his speech challenges. Often, when he couldn’t convey his message after a few attempts, he would shut down, walk away and say: “forget it”. As his parents, such a scene would just shatter us inside, and we worried how he would interact with others as he grew older. Since undertaking weekly visits with you, we have witnessed vast improvements in Aaron’s pronunciation, and in his confidence to self-advocate. He’s now one of the more popular children in his class and in his school! You have our sincerest appreciations for these truly life-changing lessons!”

— Jack

“My son was diagnosed of moderate to severe language delay and was asked to continue to see a speech and language pathologist after he is no longer entitled to the speech and language services provided by the Richmond Public Health. Our family was referred to Fiona. She has been very helpful from the start and we saw a lot of improvements in my son’s language within a short period of time. Her structured approach is very consistent with what we were looking for to help my son. She is very supportive and really easy to deal with. She takes time to explain her approach and the skill she is targeting during the SLP session. She is very patient with my son. Not only did I find a therapist for my son, I also find a friend in Fiona.”

— Mom of an 8-year old


“Today’s meeting has been so incredibly inspiring and educational for me. All of the things that you covered today interested me so much! Even from my first opportunity of shadowing and observing you in your work, I remember coming away feeling so inspired by the obvious love that you have for the children that you work with and in the work that you do. With today’s opportunity in getting to learn about the assessment and therapy tools that you use, it has left me even more encouraged to pursue this field with the same passion and excitement for learning that you have demonstrated to us.Thank you for your kindness and generosity in giving me this opportunity to learn from you!”

— Andrea

“It has been such an honour to work very closely with Fiona. As a Special Education Assistant at an elementary school, I have the privilege of being involved in speech sessions with many students all with different needs. Fiona’s guidance has provided the opportunity to develop perseverance, creativity, flexibility, sensitivity, and professionalism that are fundamental to Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) work. She lets me explore different resources and approaches in working with children in my follow-up sessions. I cannot thank her enough for her openness, expertise, and positive support in my path towards SLP. I am very excited to become an SLP and work with her professionally in the near future.”

— Loris

“As a Special Education Assistant at an elementary school, I worked with Fiona Hui to support a student with severe delay in his speech production skills. Every week I attended the therapy sessions with the student, observing and taking notes of the new goals for the following week. A lot of times when Fiona gave instructions on how to implement specific goals, she not only described the application techniques but also explained the theories behind them. This really helped me gain a more holistic view of what speech language pathology is. Furthermore, I learned the benefits of therapy tools when I saw Fiona used a wide variety of therapy tools in her sessions, keeping the student engaged and motivated. Finally, what makes Fiona an excellent role model is her passion in speech language pathology. Her passion not only motivates her to put in her best efforts everyday but also inspires all those who work with her to pursue their own dreams and passions.”

— Jessica

“My observation time with Fiona has been a great learning experience. She is a dedicated Speech Language Pathologist who loves sharing her passion, skills and knowledge with those who are interested in the field. I’ve learned about various aspects of speech therapy including assessment tools, therapy techniques, articulation tools, educational games as well as the values and attitudes that Fiona holds as an SLP. She is so generous in answering any questions I’ve had and I’m very excited for future opportunities working alongside Fiona again!”

— Jessie

“Fiona’s passion for the field of Speech Pathology is truly infectious! I had the honour to meet Fiona as I explore the field of Speech Pathology. Not only is she very knowledgeable about her field, she is also a great mentor for aspiring speech pathologists. It has been an unparalleled pleasure and honour having you as a mentor Fiona!”

— Ling

“As a speech science student fresh out of university, I still had a lot of questions about the field I am about to step into. Fiona became my mentor and had many of my questions answered. She generously shared much of her knowledge and experience as a SLP, giving me much insight to what my dream job is like and how to get there.I particularly appreciated learning about work ethics as well as the importance of understanding family needs and dynamic when working as an SLP. Fiona demonstrated professionalism and passion in her work that is truly inspiring. Thank you for your dedication in helping others and bringing up future SLPs, Fiona!”

— Bonita