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We provide a wide range of services, including assessing and treating children with the following concerns:

  • Expressive Language Delay/Disorder

  • Receptive Language Delay/Disorder

  • Speech Sound Delay/Disorder

  • Stuttering

  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech

  • Voice

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Selective Mutism

  • Language-based Learning Disabilities (reading, spelling, writing)

  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

  • Genetic Syndromes/Conditions

  • Hearing Impairment

  • Cleft Lip and Palate

  • Traumatic Brain Injury



Groups: Ages 4-5 / Ages 6-7 / Ages 10-12

Learning to cooperate and collaborate is crucial for social and academic success. Social play is an important part of early development and can play promote problem solving, social skills, advanced language, narrative skills, joint planning, creativity, and imagination. Social Thinkers is a social skills group that helps children explore social relationships with peers while learning important skills such as self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.


Covered Topics:

Engaging with peers / Making eye contact / Having conversations with friends / Understanding others’ thoughts and feelings / Being flexible / Staying calm and regulating behaviour / Cooperating with others / Taking others’ perspectives / Sharing ideas / Working with peers toward a common goal / Negotiating / Problem Solving


GROUPS: Ages 10-13 / AGes 14-18

PEERS® for teens and adolescents is a 16-week evidence based social skills intervention for motivated teens in middle school and high school who are interested in learning new ways of making and keeping friends. This internationally acclaimed program, used in over 35 countries, was originally developed at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) by Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson. During each group session, teens are taught important social skills and given the opportunity to practice these skills in session. Parents attend separate sessions at the same time and are taught how to assist their teens in making and keeping friends by helping to expand their teen’s social network and providing feedback through coaching during weekly homework assignments. Parent training will be provided and parent participation is mandatory.


Covered Topics:

Use appropriate conversational skills / Find common interests by trading information / Choose appropriate peers / Enter and exit a conversation / Use humour appropriately / Use electronic communication / Be a good host during get-togethers / Be a good sport / Handle rumours and gossips / Handle arguments and disagreements / Handle rejection, teasing, bullying and cyberbullying


GROUPS: Ages 5-6 / Ages 6-7

Children with executive dysfunction often have difficulties paying attention, organizing and planning ahead, initiating and staying focused on tasks, regulating emotions, and self-monitoring their behaviour. These challenges can impact children both socially and academically. Responsible Me is an executive functioning group that teaches children how to manage their thoughts, actions, and emotions in order to complete tasks successfully, to plan and organize their time, and to monitor and manage their own behaviour.


Covered Topics:

Improving self-regulation and inhibition / Controlling impulses and emotions / Completing tasks in a timely manner / Transitioning smoothly between activities / Managing time / Planning Ahead / Thinking in an organized way / Preparing and organizing materials in a smart way / Evaluating self-performance and making changes as necessary / Monitoring and adjusting pace during tasks


GROUP: Ages 7-8

Many children with language delays struggle to express themselves clearly and coherently. Communicating in a way that others can easily understand is crucial for social and academic success. Grammar Gurus is an expressive language and writing group that helps children improve their grammar skills, organize their ideas, and communicate more effectively.


Covered Topics:

Using complete sentences and correct word order when speaking and writing / Expanding sentences to be more detailed and informative / Using complex sentence structures / Constructing paragraphs / Using correct punctuation / Planning and revising written work


GROUP: Ages 5-6

Children who have speech and language delays are at a higher risk for experiencing difficulties learning to read and spell. These children may confuse letter names and sounds, read slowly and inaccurately, and have difficulties comprehending written material. Reading for Reading is a literacy group that provides a “boost” for children in Kindergarten and Grade 1 who are struggling with early reading skills. Ready for Reading helps children develop foundational literacy skills that are crucial for success in language arts and other academic areas.


Covered Topics:

Early Phonic Skills (e.g., letter-sound associations) / Reading simple one-syllable words and sentences / Phonological awareness (e.g., rhyming, blending) / Learning about story structure / Answering story comprehension questions


Groups: Ages 4-5 / Ages 6-7

Narrative skill is known to be one of the most important predictors of success in academic areas such as reading comprehension and writing composition. Students who do not have an adequate oral language foundation often have significant challenges meeting academic expectations. Story Superstars is designed to promote foundational oral language skills that are critical for success in school.


Covered Topics:

Listening comprehension / Reading comprehension / Answering questions about stories / Oral narrative retelling / Generating personal narratives / Generating fictional narratives / Problem solving / Social and emotional reasoning


GROUP: Ages 4-6

Clear speech is important for academic success and social-emotional functioning. Children who speak clearly have more confidence at school when giving oral presentations, reading aloud, participating in group projects, and expressing ideas and opinions in the classroom. Speech Buddies is an articulation group that helps children improve their speech skills so they can communicate more effectively at home and at school.


Covered Topics:

Correct pronunciation of target speech sounds / Increased self-awareness and monitoring of articulation during conversation / Clear and effective communication with peers